Ida Sjöstedt sustainability

•  Timeless & sustainable design – a garment is not sustainable unless it is desirable enough to wear and keep for a long long time
•  Our goal is zero waste. We only produce according to our retailers orders – no extra stock that will not be used or dumped – one of the biggest challenges in the fashion industry
•  We have an in-house studio where we make our samples – and avoid freight via flight to factories back and forth for corrections
•  Shipping is to a large extend made via boat and not flight – 90% of production is made in Europe
•  We make regular visits to our factories to ensure good conditions for workers
•  For our collections we use 20% of stock materials – to avoid productions of new materials
•  No fur or down is used – we use recycled wool and chemical free tulle
•  The customer service advice to our customers is to inform about treating your garments to last a lifetime – use natural soap, only wash spots – and avoid washing the while garment
•  We work with a sustainable development and organic growth – not to grow too fast and with big losses – instead slowly and surely